What we talk about when we talk about women and aging

Fit and Feminist

I turned 36 this year, and I told my friend Autumn that I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve liked getting older.  To be quite frank about it, I feel like I’ve only gotten more awesome the older I’ve gotten, and I fully expect that trajectory to continue to until I hopefully die at the age of 104, the most kick-ass broad in the whole damn nursing home.  The world will not be capable of withstanding the force of just how kick-ass I will be.

This was not how I expected to approach my 30s. Like a lot of women I approached growing older with trepidation, having internalized the idea that my value as a human being would begin plummeting once I was no longer in my youthful, dewy 20s.

But then I got older, as one does, and I realized that, hey, it’s not so bad!  In fact, this…

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Funky, fit, quirky maverick; passionate about women’s issues, curious about everything and grateful to be awake . Born to celebrate, motivate and inspire. Humble traveler, life-long learner and prolific blogger with a whole whack of irons in the fire. Love being amazed and amazing. That's me out of the box. More at the links :)


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    Happy happy new year from me in Cape town. I am still working in Muscat.

    Hope all good with you. Antonija x
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