Who’s got the Challenging Behaviours?

Applies to just about everything, not just dementia!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.16.10 amAt the Perth ADI2015 conference recently, one of my abstracts was accepted as a poster presentation, attached here as a PDF Not Just A Challenging Behaviour_ADI2015_jpg for those of you who have asked for a copy of it or who are interested in downloading it. The image here is a screen shot of the top of the poster, which I thought was quite powerful, but my poster, and oral presentation also caused some angst amongst a minority of researchers.

During the conference dinner, one young researcher claimed three presentations, including my keynote, had insulted and offended, and that those of us who believe the terms ‘challenging behaviours’ and ‘BPSD’ are are in fact, a large part of the reason for poor dementia and aged care being the norm, rather than the exception. It was startling that a researcher, who is meant to have an open mind, could be so forceful in telling me she/her research team are…

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