A Personal Story of Gratitude

Inspired By My Mom

“I’ve chosen today to talk about something that really brought it home to me how you can find gratitude in the most unlikely places, where you don’t want to feel grateful at all. Here’s a little story.

My Mum died four years ago. She was the queen in terms of producing pots of lemon butter for her church, to which she was devoted. People loved her, and by God they loved her jars of lemon butter. Mum wore it like a badge of honour. Even in her last stages of Alzheimers, I’d cook up a batch and dispatch it to the church and she was thrilled. I think it was a link to a time where she felt like she mattered.

Two years after she had passed, my son called and said, ‘You know how Nana used to make lemon butter …I thought it would be great to take some over to…

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