20 Inspiring Women We Lost in 2014 : A Tribute

Inspired By My Mom

Every year we lose many women that have led incredible lives however some of them may not been remembered in the lists that are compiled at year’s end.  Inspired By My Mom is starting a traditional of paying tribute to women that led fascinating and inspirational lives yet may not have been as celebrated for their achievements and contributions as they deserve to be.  These ladies need to be brought to the forefront of herstory and recognized for their contributions.  This may not be a complete or exhaustive list but it is done with heart and includes women from various walks of life, countries and occupations.

Alice Coachman Olympics Alice Coachman arriving home from the Olympics.

Alice Marie Coachman was an American high jumper and the first African American woman to become an Olympic champion by winning a gold medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, England.  She was also the only…

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