It’s been a huge 2014

farewell 2014May the year you are leaving behind today have been kind to you, and I hope you can remember the highlights more than the sadnesses. Wishing for a fantastic 2015 ahead and I hope all your very best dreams come true.

2014 has been a huge year, with many ups and downs. Life is like that. The title of my first poetry book, Love, Life, Loss: A roller-coaster of poetry (living) I think says it all in one simple line! I’ve had a few days off from blogging and social media, mostly because I needed a break from it, and also because I am [still] on a deadline to complete my book. But I’m almost there, and feel not only relieved, but that I also have time to write a few thoughts about the year that is about to pass.

Dementia Alliance International (DAI) of which I am a co-founder…

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  1. Hi Susan, I wanna say Happy New Year to you. Hope you always blessed and be more powerful in every article that every one can read.

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