On confidence

Fit and Feminist

After I wrote my last post, a lot of you left really sweet, amazing comments that not only gave me all kinds of feels, but also made me think a little more expansively about what I write about in this blog.  I think I feel like the title/theme of the blog means I have to write things that are explicitly connected to feminism, but I’m coming to see that this is a really narrow way to look at things. Narrowness can be nice because it leaves little room for wandering and getting lost, the flip side is that it can also be constricting, with little room for wandering and getting lost.

That narrow thinking caused me to lose sight of something that’s actually pretty important to the point of my writing on this blog, which is that my pursuit of athletics and fitness has actually been a feminist practice in…

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Funky, fit, quirky maverick; passionate about women’s issues, curious about everything and grateful to be awake . Born to celebrate, motivate and inspire. Humble traveler, life-long learner and prolific blogger with a whole whack of irons in the fire. Love being amazed and amazing. That's me out of the box. More at the links :)

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