Woman harassed with “Rape Room” joke, then fired for complaint—but rape is not a joke.

Dr. Rebecca Hains

Rape is not a joke. It’s an act of violence. Therefore, if a male employee makes unwanted “jokes” about rape to a female co-worker, it’s logical to conclude that his actions are creating a hostile work environment. Right?

Well, that’s what one woman here in Salem, Mass. alleges happened to her earlier this week. On her twitter page and in a Salem facebook group, she reported that while she was in training for her new job at Harrison’s Comics, a male co-worker told her that a specific storage room is called “The Rape Room.” When she replied, “That’s not okay,” she says he retorted, “It is if they can’t talk.”

Later, she says, the same co-worker touched her inappropriately, putting his arm around her and pulling her close while they were working.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 11.32.20 AMShe explained in the facebook group that when she complained to the owner, “He brushed it off because he is friends with the…

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