One, two and 49 per cent too many

AWR Muzammil BibiA few days ago, 20-year-old Muzammil Bibi was walking through a field in Pakistan when several men came upon her; they gang raped and strangled her, then hung her from a tree.

They murdered her for no reason whatsoever. Some say they may have been inspired by a case in India last month in which two cousins were killed in the same way.

Violence against women is epidemic around the world. It is rife across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

It’s also a scourge across Europe, and the Americas including my country Canada where 49% of murdered women are killed by a former or current intimate partner.

It’s in your country too. It’s everywhere.

I put this list together this morning:

10 Chilling Violence Against Women in Canada Statistics

Please ask yourself what is happening in your country and your culture and what you can do in your world to help stop violence against women.


Susan Macaulay is the creator and curator of a dog’s breakfastAmazing Women Rock, She Quotes, and My Alzheimer’s Story. She also goes a little crazy and blogs about random stuff here.




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