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Call for Anthology Submissions–Deadline  June 30, 2014

Writers are most often advised to never throw away anything they write. The logic is that one day, an editor somewhere might really like the idea. And now a project a friend and I began several years ago has moved from file drawer to desk top! A publisher is interested in our nonfiction proposal His Mother!,a series of essays, true stories, and poems written by women about their mothers-in-law. (We hope there might be a sequel at a later date for the men: Her Mother!)

 That woman Hollywood not long ago dubbed Monster-in-Law, certainly has a rep. A history. She’s made a name for herself. And it’s NOT good. But is it true? Is it deserved? Just what is the REAL story behind this woman who, throughout the ages, has created such a commotion, caused such talk, evoked so much…

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