“You misogynist pile of twats…”

Yes, that’s part of Amanda Fucking Palmer‘s reply to The Daily Mail’s stupidest review ever (and yes, believe it or not, this is the DM’s actual headline):

Making a boob of herself! Amanda Palmer’s breast escapes her bra as she performs on stage at Glastonbury

Here’s Palmer’s bare-all response:

‘Nuff said. (Except for this perfect quote also extracted from the performance response ;))


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Funky, fit, quirky maverick; passionate about women’s issues, curious about everything and grateful to be awake . Born to celebrate, motivate and inspire. Humble traveler, life-long learner and prolific blogger with a whole whack of irons in the fire. Love being amazed and amazing. That's me out of the box. More at the links :)


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  2. Thanks for the pingback my darling. xoxoxoxoxxoxo

    Isn’t Amanda awesome???

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