Glen Canning and Facebook’s Moral Compass

Well said. The story of Rehtaeh and other young women like her is tragic beyond belief. Facebook’s statement to take action is one small battle won, but the battle for the mental, sexual and emotional health of our young people (and ourselves for that matter) is far from over.


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I’ve written recently about the ongoing campaign against Facebook’s content policy; you know, the one that takes down pages and images of breastfeeding, but allows pages and images of women being beaten or raped? Or Klansmen in watermelon fields? At the very least there should be consistency, yes? If you link on any of the following pages there may well be images that provoke triggers so click at your own risk…

There are many amazing women working on this campaign such as Soraya Chemaly of Huffington Post, Jacklyn Friedman of Woman, Action and the Media, and Laura Bates of Everyday Sexism Project, as well as Rosie of Make Me A Sammich, Amazing Susan (with links of related articles) and Clementine Ford who wrote a piercing article even going so far as to reference Facebook’s origin story (remember how they were working on a site…

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  1. Thank you so much! Let’s keep this going!

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